Event 15/5: Greatness through Choice

Have you read Jim Collins’ latest book “Great by Choice”?  It’s a must read.

Jim is beaming into Barcelona LIVE 15th May from 14:30 – 18:00 – think of it as a private movie premiere – he’s one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen.  100 execs of companies gathering in Barcelona hosted by me (I will share some of my own ideas at 14:00).

If you have not read much of Jim Collin’s material I recommend you start with three articles:

What will you get by being there on the 15th May in Barcelona?
Watch my short video below (on the blog).

I want you to be there. This will give you tools to take your business to the next level. Bring 1 or 2 of your team – the material we will work on will have much greater impact if you can work on it as a team.


Barcelona Activa Auditorium
Llacuna 162
08008 Barcelona
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 starting at 13:15

All the best


Upcoming Webinar: The 3 Networks of Successful Leaders

EO Core Value #4: Cool

The Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) will be hosting my webinar “The 3 Networks of Successful Leaders” on the 14th of October.

Successful leaders build 3 carefully nurtured networks (Operational, Personal, and Strategic).  In these 30 minutes I will provide 7 simple tools to accelerate the building of your three networks.

Dial in and web access information:

EO Inside Track Call
Date: Thursday 
14 October 2010
Time: 2pm EST (my time?)
Who: Conor Neill
Topic: The 3 Networks of Success

Web Log on
Passcode: 57200505

Dial in
Passcode: 57200505#
US: 1-877-643-6951
Canada: 1-877-722-6536
Mexico: 001-800-514-9841
New Zealand 0-800-450-879
Panama: 00-800-226-9841
Int’l: 1-302-607-2017
France 0-800-913-839
Germany 0-800-184-4851
Netherlands 0-800-022-6452
South Africa 0-800-982-556 
Switzerland 0-800-563-397
United Arab Emirates 800-017-0663 
United Kingdom 0-808-101-7575 

Following are Mobile Restricted
Portugal 800-819-694 
Russia 810-800-268-51012
Spain 900-937-889
Sweden 10-20797384 

EO Members – more event information available here on EO Network.  I would love to have you join the session.

Any questions – in comments, facebook or twitter.  My post from last year on Networking 101 is a good introduction, but this seminar will cover new material and insights.