A short note inspired by a post from Verne Harnish of Gazelles.  He wrote about a keynote speech by Dr. William Horton, author of Mind Control. After showing various debate clips featuring Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama, Horton outlined five techniques for winning over (manipulating) the masses:

  1. Encourage their dreams
  2. Justify their failures
  3. Allay their fears
  4. Confirm their suspicions
  5. Create a common enemy

So this is how it’s done — cold and calculating.

Entrepreneur? Business manager? Verne Harnish will be running his European Growth Summit on 15th June in Barcelona – a powerful event for anyone growing a business – two themes this year – Going Global, Getting Lean.  He has two free downloads on the site that are worth a read whether you can attend or not.

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